Enjoy comfort in a peaceful location in the historical heart of Nijmegen.

An ideal location

Leisure and business go hand in hand. The fact that Hotel Linnen is of small scale makes it an incredible rest point for each type of guests with a busy travel program or fully packed business agenda. It is located on the edge of the city center and there are a lot of restaurants and shops just a stone’s throw away

Hotel Linnen is easily accessible by car or public transport. The bus stop is nearby the hotel and we have our own parking spaces in a private parking garage around the corner. We also rent out city bikes in cooperation with “Jasper Fietsen”.

Our address is:
Hotel Linnen
Gerard Noodtstraat 143
6511ST Nijmegen

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Some history

This stately building from 1903 has been functioning for years as overnight accommodation on the Duke Square. In her early years she used to be a hostel. During the Second World War she was a shelter for the Allies. In 2018 this beautiful building with a rich and long history was given a modern make-over.

The Hertogplein (“Duke Square”) dates from the period around 1880, when the Hertogplein was built on the site where a few years earlier the Hertsteeg- or Hertogpoort (“Duke Gate”) was demolished

On the square you can see the Wilhelmina tree, a queen tree that was planted in 1898, when Queen Wilhelmina was crowned.

Architect Derk Semmelink has designed two works for the square. Both the wrought iron fence around the tree, as well as the school building for the first “Nutsschool van de Maatschappij tot Nut van ‘t Algemeen” are out of his hands. The school was demolished in 1968, but the gate can still be found on the Hertogplein. However, the old linden tree has made way for another tree.

In the summer of 1936 the Waal bridge was taken into use. Even then, a hotel was established in the building, named after the queen tree on the square. Luxury rooms with “stroomend” (running) water …

During the Second World War the building barely escaped the bombing in February 1944. The city center of Nijmegen was severely damaged. The Hertogstraat is one of the streets that completely or partially went up in flames in September 1944. Buildings on the other side of the street were hit, but the hotel building was spared.

In 2007, the remnants of the Hertsteegpoort were found under the square. Parts of the gate were reconstructed after the restoration of the square.

In 2018, the hotel is completely renovated, both inside and outside. Hotel Linnen can therefore offer ultimate experience for short or long stay.

The Hertogplein in 1898.

1936: Luxury rooms with “running” water.

May 1945: Women from Nijmegen dance with allied soldiers on the Hertogplein.